Decibel Screenshot Have you ever wondered how loud a sound is?
Screaming kids, a rock concert, sport fans screaming?
Wonder no more. Measure it with Decibel!


image  Analog decibel meter!

image  Digital decibel meter!

image  A clean interface!



Check out TakeMeBack!

Don't forget to check out TakeMeBack!

Decibel on Top Gear!

Decibel on Top Gear!

Decibel featured on BBC's Top Gear!

Decibel was used to measure the sound of super sports cars on the Season Premiere of the BBC hit show Top Gear! We are VERY proud of this! Read more here!

Decibel on BBC!

Decibel no 1 in Sweden!Decibel featured on BBC!

Decibel was featured in the BBC show Panorama - The World's longest running investigative TV show on April 20! The host Quentin Letts use Decibel on his iPhone to measure decibel levels in regards to UK's health and safety regulations. Check it out on BBC (10 minutes into the show)!